Note: The published date on this post is screwed up! I don’t want to change it as it would change the url :(

I lost Day 13 to my Analysis Paralysis and a lack of motivation. However, Today, I am back on the proverbial Horse!

It is difficult to be motivated all the time. Motivation waxes and wanes and so does your performance with it. However, I have found a small hack to keep get my motivation up when I am feeling down. I have started watching the videos listed on And have been listening to podcasts like Startups for the Rest of Us and The art of product. Both have good content and push my motivation levels up.

Anyway, I have finally added an essential feature to sprymesh which allows you to Publish with confidence: Revisions!

Now, you can make as many changes to your website as you want, with gay abandon! All your changes will be published under a draft subdomain.

So, if you have a website called (I created the site to publish my elixir tips!). Your unpublished changes will be shown at You can keep making as many changes as you want and view them on the draft version of the website. Once you are satisfied you can just go to the web console and publish the selected version. You can also at any point view old versions which will be listed on the site’s details page

Site Revisions

I am a firm believer in dogfooding. So, I’ll be building the blog and the documentation site for sprymesh using sprymesh!

I’d love to have you guys try out sprymesh! Please let me know how you feel about this tool!