I have had this idea for a while. Many of us want to create and manage small websites easily. This will be a product which would allow a Dropbox user to easily manage their website.

The idea is simple:

  1. A user visits the web app, and creates a new website from the UI.
  2. Doing this will create a starter website in their Dropbox directory.
  3. They can now edit their website directly from their Dropbox directory and the changes will be reflected in a live website.

I have created a public GitHub project to track the issues that I work on here: https://github.com/12startupsin12months/dropbox-web-host/issues


Since, this is the first idea that I will be implementing, I’d like to split the timeline into 4 sprints.

  1. Sprint 1: Ideation, prototyping. Asking customers for feedback. Setting up a landing page asking interested users for an email.
  2. Sprint 2: Setting up a alpha version of the product online.
  3. Sprint 3: Flesh out the app further. Move to public beta.
  4. Sprint 4: Add ability to accept payments. Setup customer support forum (using Discourse).

This is going to be an interesting challenge. I hope to write at least one blog post each day. Hopefully, I’ll be able to document the day’s challenges, achievements every single day.

** P.S: I’d love to hear your thoughts on this idea. Please add a comment on one of the GitHub issues or create a new GitHub issue.**